Close to breaking point.

8 hours of sleep in the last 2 and a half days? Have worked only 11 hours but i have had to content with the pressure of the articles y de quedar mal… Also. That other thing witch i was supposed to stop. It has won this batte. I have to regroup and see if i can’t finally stop, just… Stop. Give myself a chance at least.

I am at such a low point right now, i keep putting myself in this pressuredized situations where there are only two outcomes. To barely squeeze out an ok work, or to fail conpletely.

I need a reset. I need change. I need sleep. I need no more guilt. I jeed a therapist. I need… I don’t know anymore.

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Saturday. Free.

It is done.

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The SB saga is almost over…

After having him for two straight semesters and having trouble with the essays(challenging, but… Challenging)… I am 6 pages away from not having to deal with him or see him ever again.

I am going to put my all on that paper tomorrow, and send off this dude with a paper he can’t hate on.

That first Final Essay for IR was a friggin’ odissey for me, and this last one, even though i am familiar now with what it takes, is still going to take a big effort to be taken out.

I did learn much, and i am glad i took both classes.

I look forward to… Freedom ringing.

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Thoughts on witholding.

Not saying what you have to say, keeping an event or condition from another person; we do that so that things can stay how they are, so that our lives and relations don’t change.

But keeping your thoughts, words, ideas and happenings to yourself will change you. And the difference that witholding that certain thing from another will cause on you, is often enough to disrupt the balance you wanted to keep, the life you wanted so desperately to uphold.

- Inspired by pisode 5 of Hannibal, from the cancer situation of Jack’s wife.

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The I.R Saga is thankfully over.

I had to write an 8 page Final Research Paper for my class of International Relations.

It was a living hell. Twice i had nights of sleeping 2 hours to wake-up extremely early and get to work on it. And i almost missed the allowed time my teacher gave me… Actually, i’m surprised he accepted it at all.

But its over now, and i look forward to the now welcomed Math Final and French Written Final. I already got the French Oral Final out of the way with probably an A.

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On Symphonic Rock Pt. 1

So i gave Epica a try yesterday, and after experiencing thir albums for a while i have a mixed opinion of them.

Simone Simons has a good voice; it has good range, it has a very nice color and she seems classicaly trained. All in all there’s not much to complain about.

Epica as a band has a problem though, and it has everything to do with vocals… Which you wouldn’t have thought possible after the praise i heaped upon Simone.

So what is the problem? Well, it’s actually the grunts.

Some of Epica’s songs are magnificent. They are filled with beautiful orchestry, amazing background choirs, and Simone’s voice is an awesome compliment…

But some of the songs also feature another singer, and he especializes in grunting vocals, which i guess fits the epic nature of the compositions and the bands style.

But to me, however, it ruins the mood of most songs and it is just flat out ugly and disturbing. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Epica would feature that guy on any of their songs, nevermind some of their most ambitious ones.

Without the grunting, songs like Cry for the Moon would be very good songs… And a song like Design your Universe might reach a level only the best of Within Temptation and Nightwish have.

But alas, Epica likes the ‘beauty and the beast’ dynamic it seems, and their fans must enjoy it if they haven’t said anything.

That grunting is going to keep me from being a fan, and while Simone is a very good singer, she isn’t awesome enough to turn an average song into a good one with her vocals… Or make a great one legendary like Tarja or Sharon den Adel.

Overall, the band is good. But good isn’t ‘good enough’ in this genre anymore.. Not with juggernauts like Theatre of Tragedy, Dream Theater and Nightwish, which seemingly is returning to the top now that they have a live-studio caliber singer.

Thanks for reading,
Take care.

P.s: Floor Jansen is a B+ caliber singer.

For reference, Anette was a C+… Simone Simons is a B+.

Tarja is an A- and Sharon is a B+

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It’s everywhere!


If you’ve seen any kind of Shoujo anime, you can’t have missed this.

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